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We create emotionally agile leaders and teams

We help people and business evolve!

Psynova helps people and organizations to bring about change through methods based on research and proven experience. We guide, develop and educate individuals and organizations through and in these methods. We offer training both online and live, according to what best suits your needs.

Psynova helps you who need a fresh start, change or just want to strengthen what already works. Here you can get help both as an individual and group to develop your cooperation, communicative ability, create effective meetings and decision-making processes.

To you as a private person, we can offer both courses and treatment with a focus on health and well-being.

Working life and life in general today create greater challenges for us to manage and lead ourselves and others, both at work and in our free time. There are several strategies that help us both to create contexts that create conditions for psychosocially strong environments and also to deal with the new types of contexts we are in.

We who work at Psynova have solid experience of working with individuals, groups and organizations and have adequate training for the assignments we carry out.


Use our knowledge and experience to achieve your goals.

Our services help organizations, groups and individuals to feel better, thrive, communicate and collaborate in a better way!

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